Unlocking the Mouth-Body Connection: Understanding Sleep Apnea, Gum Diseases, and Alzheimer’s

As they say – the Mouth is the window to your overall health. In this episode, Claudia welcomes dental expert Sonya Reddy to the show to discuss the pressing issue of sleep apnea. Sonya, who specializes in sleep apnea and is a cosmetic dentist based in Texas, offers a wealth of knowledge on this debilitating condition and how it affects people of all ages. You’ll gain a better understanding of what sleep apnea is, how it develops, and the various treatment options available.

In addition to sleep apnea, Sonya also shares her insights on the relationship between gum diseases and modern health conditions such as Alzheimer’s. Discover the impact of inflammation in the body caused by gum diseases and what you can do to prevent it. Tune in now for a comprehensive and educational look at oral health and the impact it has on our overall well-being.


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Who is Dr. Sonya Reddy, DDS?

Dr. Sonya Reddy is a highly respected dentist who owns a full-service practice in Texas, USA. She specializes in sleep apnea, cosmetic dentistry, Invisalign, and implants, with a focus on the connection between oral and overall health. Recognized as a top dentist for 5 years and a FORBES outstanding women in business, Dr. Reddy offers the latest technology and cutting-edge solutions to enhance her patients’ smiles and overall quality of life. She’s a member of various professional organizations and is passionate about giving back through charity work. Dr. Reddy serves patients in the DFW Metroplex and North Texas.

Links for Dr.Sonya Reddy

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sonya-reddy-159a2bb/
Smile Dentistry: https://smileupdentistry.com/doctor/dr-reddy/


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