The Healing Power of Intention, Breath, and Movement

In this episode, our guest is Pat Daly, an expert in the science of movement of the body for self-healing. Pat shares with us his knowledge on the connection between the mind, intention, breathing, and movement, and how this can help treat chronic pain and diseases.

During the interview, Pat dives into the intricacies of the human body and the role movement plays in promoting self-healing. He also discusses how this approach can be used to complement traditional medicine and promote overall wellness.

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Listen in to our conversation with Pat Daly and discover the power of movement for self-healing. Thank you for tuning in!


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Who is Pat Daly?
Patrick has been in the personal training industry for over 10 years, working in corporate gyms in New York City, as well as his own private training business. Within all of the certifications that Patrick acquired over the years, he noticed a vital component was missing from all the literature that he was led to read and regurgitate, and that was the Spirit. This has led Patrick down a path where he now centers his training style around the spirals in nature (Golden ratio/Phi), the reconnection with the water (etheric) body, and honing the alchemical process within every single one of us. Patrick has worked with enough Beings who have witnessed and experienced their own self-healing (It’s happening every single moment) to confidently share his approach with the New Biology Clinic.

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