The Power of Keto Living:Beyond Weight Loss to Optimal Health

Join us for an episode featuring Autumn Weathers, the beloved YouTuber of WatchAutumnKeto. Since 2017, Autumn has guided us through her transformative keto journey, sparking a vibrant community and giving rise to the annual wellness event, KetoPa-Lou-za. Explore Autumn’s story, her community’s dedication, and the origins of KetoPa-Lou-za in Louisville, Kentucky, uniting health enthusiasts in a shared pursuit of well-being.


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Who is Autumn Weathers

Autumn’s life transformed in 2017 with the discovery of the Ketogenic Diet amid battling Crohn’s Disease. She shed 60 pounds, inspiring her to guide others through Watch Autumn Keto. Leaving her corporate career in 2020, Autumn now helps people achieve health and weight loss success while cherishing moments with her husband and dogs.


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