Could Your Phone Hurt You?

Are man-made electromagnetic fields dangerous for your health?

Electricity is all around us, all the time. It makes our lives easier, more convenient, more fun, and we depend on it. But the question is , is there such a thing as too much electricity
Electronic devices emit an electromagnetic field which interferes with our natural electromagnetic field causing health hazards and is suspected to cause CANCER.

Could your phone hurt you? We are surrounded by artificial electromagnetic fields, emitted by various devices such as cell phones, computers, and Wi-Fi routers. But what impact do these fields have on our health and well-being? This is a question that has been a topic of debate for many years and is still not fully understood.

Welcome to this week’s episode of Expressoul Podcast! In today’s episode, we delve into the fascinating world of artificial electromagnetic fields and its impact on human health. Our guest speaker is Justin Frandson. Justin has extensive knowledge and expertise in this field and will be sharing his insights and experiences with us. Justin is a leader in the field of electromagnetic field research and has dedicated his career to studying the effects of these fields on the human body. His company, Athleticism at EMFRocks, provides education and resources for individuals to reduce their exposure to harmful electromagnetic fields.

Make sure you’re tuned in as we go over the following key topics:
-Who is Justin Frandson?
-Difference between EMFS vs Artificial EMFs
-Knowing the start of negative effects
-Effects of 5G
-Measuring the exposure of radiation
-Protecting yourself from Artificial EMFs
-Effects of driving an electric car
-EMFRocks products for protection
-Effects of Artificials EMFs on your pets
-Grounding yourself in nature

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Who is Justin Frandson?
Justin is the founder of Athleticism USA, Inc., offering programs and products to athletes, teams, and corporations across six locations. He specializes in nerve rehabilitation for sports performance and runs, providing EMF protection products. With a B.S. in Entrepreneurship from USC and EMT certification, Justin excels in leadership, creativity, and delivering results. He co-founded, hosting online summits for self-improvement.


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