Canine Warriors : The Protectors of Our Health and Wellness with Bruce Roberson

How do military dogs contribute to our health and well-being through their role in providing security?

In this episode of the Expressoul Health and Wellness Podcast, Claudia and Bruce team up with Technical Sergeant Russel and Technical Sergeant Hammer, military working dog trainers at the 802nd Security Forces Squadron in Lackland Air Force Base, to explore how military dogs contribute to our health and well-being through their role in providing security.

Our guests share their insights into the training and mission of military dogs, including their support for wounded veterans in recovering from PTSD. Through this episode, we aim to help listeners understand the special bond between humans and dogs and the unique place that military dogs hold in our hearts and lives as a nation.

But that’s not all – in this episode, Bruce goes back to Lackland to relive the glory days of his time as a military dog trainer. Join us and witness the action unfold!


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Special Thanks to United States Air Force
Sergeant Hammer,TSgt,USAF, MWD Trainer Supervisor,S3D
Staff Sergeant Alexis Gavorcik USAF
Technical Sergeant Russell, TSgt,USAF


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